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21. Pittsburgh, PA.
Studying electrical in Washington, PA.
Running, learning, building, partying
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Boxing with some folks was sick tonite

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September 16



Aloha. This our house’s first show what’s up. No chocolate inside our house. It makes a mess. And don’t touch our action figures.

Koji (run for cover recs)
Skull Kid
Young + Heartless
Fake Grave

This show costs $5. Our house is in Oakland, off blvd of the allies. Address is listed this show, after this, ask a punk. Cut the shit start the pit fuck Daniel tosh start the mosh

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Excited about this second job I just got I get to tow cars tomorrow with this old Bulgarian guy named Bogdon.

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Myyyy favorite animal is the whale

I like his big fat tail

I wanna cut off a piece of him

& I’ll share

You get a piece of the whale

A piece of the whale

It’s a three course meal

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